September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a great opportunity for businesses to help raise awareness and play a part in giving back. Looking for ways to get started? Here are some helpful ideas.

Create a Donation Tin

A great way to get your customers to donate directly towards childhood cancer research is to create a donation tin at the register of your store or include a QR code that customers can scan that links them directly to the charity’s website. This is a fast, efficient, and direct way of increasing awareness and providing funds and support for childhood cancer research.

Host a Bake Sale

Hosting a bake sale can be a great way to bring a smile to people’s faces and raise awareness for an important cause. Create a signup list in your company breakroom with the time, location, and a running list of who is bringing what. This will allow everyone to bring something delicious and different and help build excitement before the event.

If it’s a success, consider hosting another bake sale throughout the holiday season for the same cause!

Create a Promotional Initiative

Make each sale a little bit sweeter by providing a promotional initiative. By providing a small donation for every purchase, customers will feel even better about buying your products or services. This is something you can do throughout the month of September, over the holiday season, or all year long!

Give back for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with these simple ideas!

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